Mark Ali
I’m a writer, a photographer, a music lover, and a professional ice sculptor. I’m kidding about that last thing. (
A close-up of a yellow daffodil.
“Daffodil Close-Up” (Photo by Mark Ali)

Now that the holiday season is over, we here in the northern hemisphere are looking squarely in the face of a long, cold winter.

I’m sure there are some people who don’t mind winter at all. These would be your skiers, your snowboarders, your ice skaters, etc.

I’m not one…

A gold French horn ornament hangs from a branch of a Christmas tree.
“Christmas Hornament” (© Mark Ali)

Every year, just before Christmas, I set up my tripod in some chosen place in or around my home, in order to capture my yearly Christmas image.

The image is always a still life of some Christmas holiday decoration.

Yes, there are commercial motives behind this, because I do offer…

A sign welcoming you to Pike Place Market in Seattle.
“Pike Place Market Sign” (© Mark Ali)

Travel photography can be like photojournalism.

When you’re visiting a far-off place, with your camera in hand, you’re often trying to tell a story — a story of this amazing place you’re in, and the sights and sounds and feelings you’ve experienced there.

Or maybe you’re just indiscriminately trying to…

The sun rises over a lake.
“Moments After Sunrise” (© Mark Ali)

Quotations are fun to read. They’re sometimes instructional, and sometimes inspirational.

There are quotations from great minds throughout the centuries, on topics of every kind.

I was reminded of this when I recently acquired an old copy of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. It was printed in the mid-1950s, and it belonged…

A seagull in flight, against a brown/sepia background.
“A Bird in Flight” (© Mark Ali)

I know very little about ‘bird in flight’ photography.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t dare write an article about something I know so little about. I’ve certainly read about the topic. But I don’t think you really know a style of photography until you’ve tried it.

So, for this article, I thought…

Mark Ali

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