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  • Kathy Copeland Padden

    Kathy Copeland Padden

    is a news junkie, history buff, and music fanatic surfing the End Times wave with bemusement. Come along!

  • Avi Loeb

    Avi Loeb

    Avi Loeb is the Frank B. Baird Jr Professor of Science and Institute director at Harvard University and is the bestselling author of “Extraterrestrial”.

  • Morgan Evans

    Morgan Evans

    I’m a middle school English teacher with a genuine passion for writing and storytelling. My main topics will be sports, movies, and history, with some surprises

  • Julia Quay

    Julia Quay

    Loves books, writing, feeding people, and finding humor in almost everything.

  • Flipboard


    News for our time, personalized for any interest. Available in any app store and on the Web at

  • Adam Welch

    Adam Welch

    I am a photo maker, author and reluctant poet.

  • Tom Zimberoff

    Tom Zimberoff


  • Joel A. Johnson

    Joel A. Johnson

    Family man, & creative who enjoys karaoke, poetry, & balance sports (skating & skiing). I focus on social justice. Writes for The Lark, AfroSapiophile, WEOC

  • David Graham

    David Graham

    Due to injury I write using voice dictation software. Lover of psychology, science, humour, fiction & self-improvement.

  • FUTC


    21 year old computer science student from Germany. Interested in all things tech, coding, photography, design.

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